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Sinsemilla | Charlotte

Sinsemilla | Charlotte | CBD Cannabis


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The Charlotte grown Indoor by Sinsemilla is a strain type Indica, has a CBD content of 12% and a THC of 0.6%.
Charlotte is a strain with less than 0.6% THC with flavory, earthy and pine flavors.
The Charlotte was born and raised in Switzerland, more precisely in the Canton of Fribourg. It only contains high quality cannabis flowers and Sinsemilla guarantees a 100% Swiss production. The hemp does not contain any tobacco or added-products such as nicotine. No pesticides used.
Hemp buds are sold in hermetic packaging preserving their taste and smell for weeks.
uWeed only sells legal cannabis products, also known as CBD cannabis (cannabidiol), containing less than 1% THC and without psychoactive or psychoactiv effects when consumed.
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