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Green Passion | Northern Passion

Green Passion | Northern Passion | CBD Cannabis

Green Passion
Northern Passion

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The Outdoor Northern Passion grown Outdoor by Green Passion is a strain type Hybrid, has a CBD content of 15-17% and a THC of <1%.
Northern Passion (formerly known as Northern Lights) is a world-renowned cannabis genetics that has also made it into the CBD market. The hard and resinous flowers are easy to crush and distribute a fine-smelling odour. The variety is bred in a Swiss outdoor cultivation.
The Outdoor Northern Passion was born and raised in Switzerland, more precisely in the Canton of Argovie. It only contains high quality cannabis flowers and Green Passion guarantees a 100% Swiss production. The hemp does not contain any tobacco or added-products such as nicotine. No pesticides used.
Hemp buds are sold in hermetic packaging preserving their taste and smell for weeks.
uWeed only sells legal cannabis products, also known as CBD cannabis (cannabidiol), containing less than 1% THC and without psychoactive or psychoactiv effects when consumed.
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