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Cannaliz | Zero-THC CBD Oil Vita+ 2% (200mg)

Cannaliz | Zero-THC CBD Oil Vita+ 2% (200mg) | CBD oil

Zero-THC CBD Oil Vita+ 2% (200mg)

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The CBD Oil VITA+ with 2% CBD (Immunity & Antioxidant) by Cannaliz consists of 3% organic hemp / cannabis sativa extract and the vitamins A & E. It supports the immune system and protects the cells from oxidative stress. The THC was removed by a special procedure from Cannaxtract, which preserves all other essential and secondary plant compounds, such as CBD, CBDA, terpenes, sesquiterpenes and flavonoids.

The CBD plant extract is dissolved in olive oil. Not suitable for smoking.

1 drop = about 1mg CBD

CBD: 2% CBD (200mg)
THC: 0% (0mg)
Content: 10ml
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