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Blossom | Blossom White - Pure CBD Crystals

Blossom | Blossom White - Pure CBD Crystals | CBD Crystal

Blossom White - Pure CBD Crystals

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Blossom White is CBD in its purest form: crystal. This 99.6% CBD concentrate is extracted from the cannabis plant thanks to a method called “CO2 super-critical extraction”. It’s the most advanced method currently available on the market to get the purest and most effective crystals of CBD. The Blossom White CBD crystals can be used in various way such as:
In food: you can mix it with a hot drink or any dishes and the CBD crystals will dissolve in (soups, curries, stews and so on.)
Vaporization: use a dab or a vaporizer with a “liquid” patch
Transformation: this product can be then used in many preparations during the production process (food, cosmetic, topic, and so on).
CBD content of the Blossom White crystals is 99.6% and the product is free from THC (0%).
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