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Alpinols | CBD Oil 12% "Your Days" for Women's Menstruations

Alpinols | CBD Oil 12% "Your Days" for Women's Menstruations | CBD oil

CBD Oil 12% "Your Days" for Women's Menstruations

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"Im gegenteil" meets Alpinols and together they develop an exclusive 12% CBD oil "Your Days" to relieve menstruation pain of all women.

Ingredients: organic broad spectrum hemp extract, organic sunflower seed oil
Produced in Switzerland according to Bio-Suisse guidelines
Taste: natural hemp, slightly bitter
1 drop contains approx. 6mg CBD

Who is behind 'im gegenteil'?
"Im Gegenteil" is an online magazine for love, dating, emotions, sex, sustainability and of course menstrual cramps. If anyone knows about them, it's the founders and best friends Anni and Jule. They are so convinced of the bio-CBD oil against period cramps, the associated restlessness and upset, that they have got engaged in a totally romantic way with us from ALPINOLS to a cooperation of the hearts. The rest is history - just like all our menstrual pains. ❤️

CBD oil especially for menstrual problems
Alpinols's products are manufactured in Switzerland according to the strictest Bio-Suisse guidelines. They are free of any foreign substances and of course vegan and not tested on animals. In cooperation with the ladies from "im Gegenteil", Alpinols developed the 12% CBD oil for women, targeted especially at relieving menstrual cramps. The CBD oil 12% "Your Days" is produced with love in Switzerland.

Keep the menstrual oil under the tongue for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. Do not drink or brush your teeth after that. A light drop dosage is recommended at the beginning of the application. This is individual and depends on the person in question.

Store in a cool place and away from light. Shelf life 6 months after opening.
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