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Smoking differently with Purize activated carbon filters

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Who is still making joint filters out of rolled-up cardboard in the 21st century? High quality, Activated Charcoal Filter for Joints make your CBD Joints taste so much better. Furthermore, they also contribute to removing harmful toxins that can damage your lungs, improve airflow and protect your joint from moisture. 

Once you’ve tried an Activated Charcoal Filter, you’ll never go back to the bad old ways. Our PURIZE® shop offers a range of products that help you have the best possible smoking experience, including Activated Charcoal Filters in several different sizes, rolling papers, smoking kits and lifestyle accessories. 

Why should you filter your joints with PURIZE?

When it comes to filter tips for joints, there are several different options that very much depend on personal preference. One of the most classic methods is simply rolling your own out of a piece of cardboard, which can improve the airflow of the joint while protecting the paper from moisture (and, if you roll with tobacco, avoid ending up with small pieces of tobacco in your mouth). 

Why do people opt for handmade filters? 

Well, they’re easy to make, are free and can be made out of anything that’s just lying about the house. But they don’t actually make your CBD joint taste better, nore do they protect your throat from harsh smoke. Smokers seeking a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience can turn to high quality Activated Charcoal Filter. uWeed offers the very best, those provided by Purize, which significantly reduce the absorption of harmful substances. Check out Purize Slim and Purize Xtra Slim in our Purize shop!

Check out the Activated Charcoal Filter Tips in our PURIZE shop

The fact that CBD and legal cannabis is becoming so popular in Europe and the United States is great news for discerning smokers. It’s now easier than ever to find high quality, highly effective active smoking accessories that make for an aromatic smoking experience. What’s more, many accessories like Activated Charcoal Filter are made in Europe by eco-conscious brands. Brands who are committed to preserving the planet for future generations, such as PURIZE, whose products are all made in Germany. 

Let’s take a closer look at the uWeed PURIZE shop. PURIZE filters come in PURIZE Xtra Slim, PURIZE Slim and regular size. If you’re wondering what that means, PURIZE Slim filters come in ø 5,9 mm x 26,9 mm. For those who are looking for a brightly coloured PURIZE filter, pink is an option alongside green, light brown, or blue. 

PURIZE high quality Activated Charcoal Filter

As we mentioned above, a joint filter is essential in order to provide not only a safer smoking experience, but also a more comfortable and aromatic one. But what is it that makes the PURIZE products so much more effective than homemade filter tips? PURIZE uses high quality activated carbon to strip any leftover pesticides and sprays from your CBD (though if you’re buying high-quality Swiss CBD flowers from uWeed, that shouldn’t be an issue) and provide a great taste and smell. 

What’s more, they’re easy to use even for beginner smokers. 

PURIZE Activated Charcoal Filter come with ceramic end caps, which keep them cool and enable them to be inserted into a joint in both directions. PURIZE Activated Charcoal Filter can be stored in any dry cool spot and are easy to transport in their original packaging. Our PURIZE shop sells packets of 50, 100 or 250 pieces in several different colours, making it easy for you to find the filters that are adapted to your needs. 

uWeed is here to help you improve your smoking experience and find the Activated Charcoal Filter that is right for you. Get in touch today!

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