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Buy CBD oils and Swiss CBD Cannabis from Pure Production

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At Pure Production, high-quality CBD strains are cultivated in a nursery of 23,000 square miles growing and caring for 26,500 plants. Pure Production engages heavily in scientific research on the genetics of CBD and cannabis, which brings it an important competitive advantage. Pure Production’s research department exists to create the highest quality legal strains of CBD possible. Enabling the tracing of specific products allows Pure Production to offer the best assurance that their products are completely legal and compliant with the laws of Switzerland. The company is striving to achieve 100% transparency with their customers and as such make it simple to retrieve the lab reports of any specific product on-demand. Bringing years of experience to the table, Pure Production prides itself in bringing a custom quality experience from employees who love what they do.

Overseen by Stevens Senn, Pure Production has been providing expert hemp products since 2015 and is the perfect company to meet all your hemp product needs. Whether you are thirsty for something a little different, ready to take a relaxing shower, or sitting down to smoke, Pure Production has a product for you! Their years of scientific research and ability to show the lab results of any specific product make this company open and responsible. Their CBD oil comes in two different size (5 or 10 ml) and two different strengths for each size (4 percent or 9 percent). Pure production also uses their CBD products to offer tobacco substitutes and CBD cannabis such as:

  • CBD Gold – created from “Kush”, Gold contains less than 1 percent THC, this product is hand-picked for extreme quality
  • CBD Platinum – created from “Skunk”, Platinum is also hand-picked
  • CBD Pure – this product is created from the “Critical” strain
  • Einhron products – these bags are created from the “Chronic” strain and come in varying pack sizes
  • Alpine Dwarf – this package contains “White Widow Afghan”
  • CannaSwissCup 2017 Jury box – this box contains 35 varieties of cannabis flowers, two 3-day passes to CannaTrade 2018, and an exclusive CannaSwissCup Ziggi Paper Pack. What a deal!
  • Freemind packages – these contain the strand “Amnesia”
  • CBS – this box contains “White Russian”

Another intriguing product offered by Pure Production is their beverages. Whether you are in the mood for beer, an energy drink, or ice tea, Pure Production has you covered! Their CBD-infused drinks sound like the perfect element to add to summer relaxation.

Hemp is also extremely useful for cosmetics, as well as bath and body. There are shower gel products, face creams, face wash, facial milk, body oil and soap. Pure Production carefully crafts each product. Hemp products smell wonderful!

Pure Production also provides many services to the public. The company has an “adventure farm” named Erlebnishof. This is a place where the public can interact with the growing process followed at Pure Production’s nursery. They offer many products in their shop, including ornamental plants. The hemp plant is as beautiful as it is useful.

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