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CBD trim is a CBD product that is created during the trimming of cannabis flowers. The trim is any part of CBD flower that is removed when cutting the CBD hemp plant. Depending on the type of cannabis plant being trimmed, CBD Trim contains different concentrations of CBD. This means we can offer the right product for every individual need.

uWeed - High quality CBD trim from Switzerland

uWeed specializes in the sale of high-quality CBD products from Switzerland. In our online CBD shop, you will find many different CBD products from well-known manufacturers. Our wide range features high-quality CBD trim and a variety of other products, such as:

  •   CBD Oil
  •   CBD Cosmetics
  •   CBD Edibles
  •   CBD Capsules
  •   CBD Hemp
  •   and much more

Many Different Ways to Take CBD

CBD trim comes from excess created when trimming CBD flowers. It consists of small leaves, crystals, and filaments and can be taken in different ways. For example, you can roll and smoke CBD Trim as a cigarette. You can also vape CBD trim with a vaporizer. This allows CBD to enter the body through the lungs. CBD trim is also great for use in cooking or as a tea. This way allows CBD to enter your body through the stomach. As you can see, CBD Trim is wonderfully versatile and can be perfectly adapted to your individual needs.

High quality tobacco substitute

CBD Trim is an excellent substitute for tobacco. You can easily use this product to make an enjoyable CBD cigarette. No tobacco or nicotine is added to the hemp. Once you have found the right CBD trim for you, you can expect delivery on the very next day. If you spend at least CHF 35, shipping is absolutely free. Take a look at our online shop and explore our variety of high-quality CBD products from Switzerland. You'll be glad you did.

Well-known Manufacturers from Switzerland

At uWeed, you will find CBD products from many well-known manufacturers. Our high quality products all come from beautiful Switzerland. While the most well-known component of the cannabis plant, THC, has a psychoactive effect, CBD has different properties. It doesn't alter consciousness and can be purchased completely legally. The THC content of our products is regularly tested by certified laboratories to ensure our products meet the required THC limits.

Many Positive Reviews

Although the term cannabis has a negative connotation for many, more and more people are integrating CBD products into their daily lives. CBD trim can be purchased and used completely legally. CBD users report increased well-being, pain and inflammation reduction, and improvements for those with neurological or physical disorders. Many international scientists are actively researching CBD and have already published promising results. Does all this sound interesting to you? Then take a look at our online shop. There, you'll find lots of information about dosing and ways of consuming CBD.

Organic CBD trim

CBD trim is a very popular product because it can be used in so many ways. All products offered are grown and manufactured under 100% organic conditions. Our manufacturers do not use pesticides or herbicides in any of their plants. The result of this is the highest quality CBD trim. If you are discovering CBD for the first time and looking for the perfect CBD product for your unique needs, you will probably have some questions. Our experienced staff will be happy to give you advice and answer any of your questions. We will help you find the right CBD products. You can also find more information in our Blog.
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