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Blossom CBD Products, Natural & Organic Cannabis

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Blossom is a locally owned and operated Swiss company based in Canton Vaud that offers premium CBD products. Their products are completely organic, grown in company greenhouses by cultivators who love what they do.

Part of what makes Blossom so special is the story behind the company. What happens when four amazing friends come together to pursue a dream? The answer is Blossom. These skillful entrepreneurs turned their experience and passion into a successful premium CBD business. Each plant is cultivated with love, care, and respect to guarantee it is the best product on the market. Blossom hails back to a simpler time by respecting the land and what it has to offer. They believe in cultivating a safe product, unaffected by pesticides, bad farming practices, and corporate greed. Give to the land, and it will give back to you. Blossom cultivators hand-trim and hand-water each and every plant. Chemicals are not allowed in their green safehouses.

This carefully crafted product results from the perfect environment. Blossom is careful to not add any terpenes to their products. The right amount of light and CO2 are combined with perfectly regulated temperature and humidity to produce the best results possible. The plants are locally produced, subject to the permaculture and biodynamic agriculture regulations of the country, ensuring a safe product. They spend their resources improving the human community instead of being concerned with the bottom line. Blossom products are healing for the customer, healing for the land, and healing for humanity.

Blossom focuses on cultivating plants high in CBD but low in THC – the psychoactive portion of cannabis. CBD oil has proven health benefits for those suffering a variety of maladies, both physical and mental. Blossom’s premium products serve to promote good health for all.

Currently, Blossom offers a variety of more than 10 products, each one special in its own way. For instance, the Blossom Green is a homegrown strain from the Riviera in Leman Lake. It has fruity and lemon flavors, contain less than one percent THC. The strain promotes creativity, elevation, and relaxation. The Blossom Silver is the last original strain. This complex plant has chunky, resinous buds. It is wonderful for promoting well-being, happiness, and a chill feeling. Silver and Green are also available to order as a duo.

Blossom CBD flowers are available in a variety of flavors, including:

  • Honey
  • Cherry
  • “Blue”
  • “Red”
  • “Orange”

Blossom also recognize the plant’s many medicinal benefits and while CBD oil is a product on the rise in many companies, its strict standard sets its products far apart from many other oils on the market. Customers enjoy the benefits of one of nature’s most powerful remedies. CBD oil can help with seizures, migraines, and other ailments.

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