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Alpinols CBD hemp oils for the love of nature

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Alpinols was founded out of the deep conviction of the healing and benevolent power of nature. Alpinol’s team is composed of 5 experienced professionals from agriculture, marketing, IT and logistics. They are united by their love of nature, which is why they want to bring the healing effect of the cannabis plant closer to everyone. All alpinols hemp flowers and plants are from Swiss origins and come from 100% organic cultivation.

Alpinols CBD drops - Back to the roots

Alpinols was raided between the alpine mountain landscapes and crystal clear lakes and they see themselves as children of nature, who cultivated a close relationship to the regional farmers from an early age. Their regular visits to the farms have taught Alpinols that all good things eventually come from nature. Only organic and sustainable cultivation can guarantee that our environment and nature is cared for. Alpinols’ goal is to provide people with an alternative to chemical medicines thanks to the healing power of the cannabis flower and to relieve the body of harmful ingredients.

Alpinols cannabis oils = 100% natural ingredients

For the production of CBD oils Alpinols only use hand-picked cannabis leaves from organic and sustainable cultivation. By cooperating with regional farmers, they support and promote the Swiss agriculture, which stands for high quality. This is additionally supported by many years of experience and in-depth know-how, which make Alpinols’ products outstanding. Thanks to an innovative and unique CO2 extraction process, all Alpinols’ CBD products are guaranteed to be pure and natural CBD, with no psychoactive effects or side-effects.
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